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The municipality of Breda is a local government administration of a city in the South-West of the Netherlands, with 168.000 inhabitants and a surface of 12.915 hectare.

Breda is the ninth town of the Netherlands. It is a historic town with a rich history.

Due to infrastructural development Breda’s accessibility is increasing.

This, and its position between Amsterdam and Brussels, offers perspectives for the development of the city.

There are 73.000 dwellings in Breda. Because of its green appearance, it is an attractive place of residence.

The department Environment is responsible for projects and programmes concerning the living environment. With regard to Climate Change Policy it has adopted an activity plan for 2003-2007. This plan contains projects for municipal buildings, companies, housing and renewable energy.

The municipality receives advises from the Platform Sustainable Breda, a combination of local societal organisations.
The platform has asked the municipality to form a structural cooperation with all local actors to achieve the goals as set out in the Environmental View Breda 2015.

This documents states that by 2015, Breda is on its way to become a CO2 neutral city; it has a reduced energy demand and produces renewable energy.

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