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The Italian Local Agenda 21 Association (Coordinamento Agende 21 Locali Italiane) consists of local authorities who participate in the life of the Association in order to improve environmental management and exploit sustainable development as a means of progressing towards a fairer future.

The role of the Italian Local Agenda 21 Association

The Italian Local Agenda 21 Association was founded in 2000 as an organisation devoted exclusively to raise awareness on sustainable development issues.

More specifically, the Association aims at the promotion on a national level, and particularly in urban areas, of the Local Agenda 21 process, in order to achieve sustainable development through the integration of economic, social and environmental aspects in accordance with the Aalborg, Goteborg and Ferrara Charters.

The Association's activities

In the pursuit of its constitutional aim, the Italian Local Agenda 21 Association undertakes specifically to:

  • Promote the principles and practices of sustainable development and Local Agenda 21;
  • Promote and develop information exchange on Local Agenda 21 issues between institutions and operators involved in the process;
  • Monitor, gather, disseminate and promote studies, research, good practices and in general any positive experiences of sustainable development and Local Agenda 21;
  • Promote and/or facilitate the constitution of partnerships between Local Agenda 21 initiatives;
  • Promote and facilitate the candidature of the Association and members to international and national projects and initiatives;
  • Actively cooperate with the European Union, the Italian Government and other international networks, as well as with regional associations and local institutions for the purpose of mutual promotion and to plan, organise and implement joint initiatives.
Awareness-raising activities
  • Participate in national and international conventions;
  • Participate in training courses;
  • Bringing together of thematic Work Groups on Local Agenda 21 processes;
  • Support local sustainability projects:
  • Create a partner network.
Public information campaigns
  • Translate and distribute international documents on sustainable
  • Distribute a calendar of national and international events
  • Organise conventions and seminars
  • Distribute national and international announcements for good sustainable development practices
The Italian Local Agenda 21 Association has currently 422 members (updated November 2008)
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