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The company

Stadtwerke Crailsheim GmbH is a modern multi-utility-enterprise, organised to satisfy the requirements of its customers. Stadtwerke Crailsheim GmbH are supplying electricity, gas, district heating and services.

As an integrated municipal utility company Stadtwerke Crailsheim GmbH operate in the following sectors:BHKW.jpeg

Acquisition of energy sources like electricity and gas, energy generation via own heat and combined heat and power plants, distribution over own networks.

The Stadtwerke Crailsheim GmbH are conscious of their responsibility with regard to the increasing consumption of energy and the problematic of the climate change.
Therefore one of our particular focal points is set on the sustainable and efficient generation of energy and the usage of renewable energy sources.

20 local heat and combined heat and power plants are producing electricity and heat for the heating of buildings like schools, public swimming baths or administration buildings.

Conception of the large scale solar heating plant Hirtenwiesen II

The solar thermal project Hirtenwiesen II is exemplary for the innovative, trendsetting approaches within Stadtwerke Crailsheim GmbH.

With a final size of 10.000 m2 of solar collectors, the solar thermal plant in Crailsheim will be Germany's larges solar thermal plant.

The project was already awarded by the German government in 2005.

The solar thermal plant supplies the new housing area Hirtenwiesen II Bild1_logo.jpegwith up to over 50% with warm water and heat.

An innovative technology of heat storage in form of borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) makes it possible to use the heat, which is produced in summer, even in the heating season. Therefore the local bedrock is used as storage media.

The collectors are installed on the roofs of apartment buildings, of a school and even on the top of a sports hall. But the main part of them (~ 6500 m2) will be mounted on a noise protection wall, which separates the housing area from a nearby industrial zone.

By landscaping measures and the integration of the collectors in an ecological concept, the noise protection wall will become a recreation area for the inhabitants as well as a habitat for thermopile animal and plant species.

KSV GmbH thermal recycling of sludge

Bild7_Wallkollektoren 024.jpeg 27 communes are stockholders of the KSV GmbH. The Stadtwerke Crailsheim GmbH initiated this innovative project in order to find a solution for the local sludge advent.

With a biomass CHP and a pyrolysis mineralization plant for sludge, eco-friendly generation of electricity is combined in a sustainable way with the recycling of the incidental amounts of sludge.

With an annual retrenchment of 40.000 t CO2 the KSV GmbH makes an important contribution to climate protection.

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