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The city of Dobrich has the statute of City-Municipality since 1990.

On the base of Decree (Ukaz) N° 3005/1987 the area of Dobrich municipality includes only the territory of the city of Dobrich.

Dobrich-city Municipality is a juridical person (a legal entity). The Municipal government is comprised of the Mayor - the executive body and the Municipal Council - the legislative body.

The Mayor is led by the laws of Republic Bulgaria, decisions of the Municipal Council and the community.

The Mayor’s activities are supported by the Municipal administration, organized in 8 departments, 7 sub departments and 2 sectors. The Municipal administration executes its duties following the rules of law, openness, accessibility, independence, responsibility and guaranteeing the interests of the Municipality of Dobrich.


The services provided by the municipal administration are aimed at provision to the residents of administrative and information services and civil status and registration of the population.

The municipality is the responsible body to plan and implement the economic and agricultural policy, consumer rights protection, trade and tourism, transportation, agriculture, municipal property, territorial planning, providing information related to cadastre, regulation and town planning state of the real estates, and etc.

The main activities of the municipality will be focused into the following directions:

Improvement of the infrastructure:

  • Development of the different components of the infrastructure through realization of investment initiatives;
  • development of public services' urbanization;
  • rehabilitation of the main water network;
  • gasification of public buildings;
  • effective management of waste - construction and bring into use a hard domestic waste depot; composting of waste;

Improvement of the investment climate and support of SMEs:

  • Improvement of the competitiveness of the local economy through development of favourable conditions for development of local SMEs;
  • preparation of marketing profile of the municipality to attract foreign investors;
  • implementation of municipal program for development of tourism.

Local tools for encouraging entrepreneurs are used and implemented:

  • Municipal guarantee fund, public-private initiatives, marketing of local SMEs;
  • improvement of business infrastructure and utilities:
  • program for improvement of public utilities on the base of public- private partnership, improvement of transport services;

Improvement of the work force quality:

  • Effective management of local educational institutions by implementing the system of delegating budget;
  • improvement of school facilities; prevention against HIV, drugs, traffic of people;
  • implementation of life long learning program;

Transparent and effective management and sustainable social processes:

  • Implementation of modern systems of financial management;
  • increase of the number of concessions, number of social services;
  • implementation of E-government.

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