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The Dobrich Local Agency for Energy Management has been established in the frame of the project “Creation of new Energy Management agencies in the Loire County (France), the Warmland Region (Sweden), and the Pomurje Region (Slovenia), Dobrich Municipality and Bourgas Region (Bulgaria) ” (2004-2007), supported by the Energy Intelligent - Europe Programme of the European Commission, DG for Energy and Transport.

The activities of the DLAEM cover the territory of Dobrich municipality in the Northeast Planning Region of Bulgaria.

The Agency is a voluntary organization, registered in accordance with the Bulgarian Act on Non-for-profit Juridical Persons

The activities of the DLAEM focus on:

  • Energy programming and planning at the local and regional level;
  • Increasing the awareness and capacity of all community stakeholders (local and regional authorities, business entities, NGOs, media, students, citizens, consumers) about efficient energy use and energy management;
  • Sectorial and horizontal initiatives for the promotion of the rational energy use, energy saving technologies and renewable energy sources;
  • Development and implementation of energy saving projects on the territory of Dobrich municipality;
  • Cooperation and joint activities with project partners from Bulgaria and abroad, in particular from France, Sweden and Slovenia.
Founding Project

Creation of new energy management agencies in the Loire county (France), the Warmland Region (Sweden), the Pomurje Region (Slovenia), the Region of Bourgas and the municipality of Dobrich (Bulgaria).

Participation in Project consortia

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