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About Ecofys

Ecofys has a clear mission: a sustainable energy supply for everyone. This is the goal that everyone in our company believes in and strives for. In a company that is a leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency, knowledge and innovation are key factors in turning the ideas of today into the viable realities of tomorrow.

An experienced market leader

Established in 1984, Ecofys specialises in energy saving and renewable energy solutions. As part of the Econcern group (, we offer research and consultancy services as well as product development.

Besides Ecofys, the companies Ecostream, Evelop and Ecoventures also belong to the Econcern holding.

Over the years we've conducted extensive research and completed projects for many energy companies, housing corporations, building companies, international and local authorities, and energy consumers around the world.

With more than 200 employees in seven countries, we're one of the largest consultancy firms in sustainable energy and climate policy.

Broad expertise

Ecofys offers a wide range of high quality services, based on our extensive knowledge of renewable energy and energy saving solutions.

Areas of expertise include solar energy, wind energy, biomass, hydrogen technology, energy supply and climate policies. Our experts are organised around different markets.

Technical, financial, legal and planning disciplines are combined to develop balanced and cost-effective solutions.

Innovative and forward thinking

Ecofys is always at the forefront of climate and energy market developments.

Because of our activities in strategic research and our contributions to international and local policy development we lead the way in applying these advancements in our projects.

We also continue to develop new products of our own, or in partnership with other organisations.

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