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The Kuben Byfornyelse Danmark has more than 30 years experience with working with urban matters.

The company staff’ has expertise in all aspects of urban renewal activities, such as planning, legal, financial, technical and social aspects.

The company believes that in order to achieve the highest possible standard of urban renewal, it is very important to have international experience.

The company has been and involved in several EU project: ENSURE, ENTRUST, SURERO, RESURGENCE, DEMOHOUSE etc.

Kuben Byfornyelse Danmark offers a broad range of consultancy services in the field of urban renewal, such as:

  • Analysis of town planning and urban renewal problems;
  • Proposals for urban renewal plans;
  • Counselling local authorities on urban renewal issues;
  • Integrated urban renewal (a holistic approach);
  • Property management, Financial counselling of owners and others;
  • Information and counselling of tenants and owners;
  • Ecological planning;
  • Financial management and administration of urban renewal grants;
  • Organisation of co-operation with tenants and owners;
  • Co-ordination and management of building and construction works;
  • Social planning;
  • Assisting with transfer of property and expropriation;
  • Calculation of rent increases;
  • Preparation of technical building investigations.

Two of the projects in urban renewal of the historic centre of Copenhagen and the historic housing area of Brumleby, carried out for the Municipality of Copenhagen have been awarded a Diploma from "EUROPA NOSTRA".

The company produced an action plan for the urban district of Inner Vesterbro in Copenhagen, the area that contains 23 blocks with some 6000 inhabitants.

It is one of the most run-down areas in Copenhagen, but it contains many buildings of high heritage value.

One building received Kreditforeningen Danmarks "Urban Renewal Prize" for restoration of a building incorporating ecological elements supported by the European Union.

Kuben Byfornyesle Danmark A/S is a new company own by Kuben Bygherrerådgivning A/S by two thirds and Byfornyelse Danmark s.m.b.a. by one third. The company has taken over all activities and the staff’ of Byfornyelse Danmark s.m.b.a.

The company do mostly consultancy work for Municipalities of Denmark and social housing associations in Denmark on urban development and planning, and have offices all over Denmark.

The main office is located in Copenhagen.

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