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The main project objective is to develop and implement a Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) strategy for the partner communities of the MUSEC project.

This strategy will be based on the integration of three main dimensions: adequate energy policies, innovative financing mechanisms and dissemination programs to outreach markets and citizens.

To achieve this main objective, the project will first of all develop an energy baseline assessment for each partner community.

Baseline Assessment and target setting methodology

During the implementation of the project, each involved community will be provided with a set of tools that will allow them:

  • to carry out an energy baseline assessment within their community boundaries;
  • to define the potential for energy efficiency and Renewable energy sources;
  • to set own individual project objectives;
  • to monitor progress of the project objectives.

Potential Assessment and Target Setting (eng)

Baseline Assessment and Target Setting
  • Dobrich (eng | bul)

  • Denmark
  • Valby (eng | dan)

  • Germany
  • Crailsheim (eng | ger)

  • Italy
  • Ravenna (eng | ita)
  • Asti (eng | ita)
  • Foggia (eng | ita)

  • Netherlands
  • Geemente Breda (eng | dut)
  • These Baseline Assessment will be used by the communities for the development of the SEC Strategies.


    • Template for SEC strategy (download)
    • Template for your workshop (download)
    • Working document (download)
    • Guidelines for Potential Assessment and Target Setting (eng)
    • Guidelines for Energy Accounting Procedure (eng)
    • Guidelines for Monitoring Methodology (eng | DRAFT)
    • Monitoring System and Grow Model (eng)

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