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The MUSEC Project
MUltiplying Sustainable Energy Communities - A Blueprint for Action
Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC) are local communities in which politicians, planners, developers, market actors and citizens actively co-operate to demonstrate and develop a high degree of decentralised energy supply, favouring renewable energies as sources, together with a conscientious application of energy efficiency measures in all end-use sectors.

The main objective of the MUSEC project is to develop and implement a Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) strategy in seven european communities:

The project will first of all develop an energy baseline assessment for each partner community in order to identify gaps and potentials for EE/RES initiatives within the community.

Simultaneously, special advisory committees, knows as SECA Groups, formed by other cities and local actors expert on energy issues, will work in order to identify successful Best Practices on energy that may be easily replicated and adapted at the local level by the MUSEC Communities, involving in this path key local stakeholders and citizens.

All the experiences thus achieved and the combination of all the strategic plans with concrete example of implementation from the MUSEC cities will be then collected in a final document, “Sustainable Energy Communities Blueprint”, that will be a handy guidelines for other communities that want become SEC as well.

The main results of the projects will be:

  • Sustainable Energy Community Blueprint
  • Creation of one National Advisory Group in each of the 5 countries participating in the project.
  • Development of 7 SEC strategies
  • Development of an action plan


The main outcome of the project will be the creation of a Sustainable Energy Community Blueprint that will provide a process description on how to develop a SEC strategy.

Blueprint concept will be mainly based on a step by step analysis and comparison of SEC strategies developed by each MUSEC community.

The Blueprint will be a very practical guideline as well as documentation of the results achieved available for target groups and communities in Europe interested in the SEC process development and willing to start their own SEC strategy.

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